Atech Portable Water Quality Heavy Metal Analyzer model SRMA3000P

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Atech Portable Water Quality Heavy Metal Analyzer model SRMA3000P

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Application Advantages under Urgent Cases

1. Light, convenient for carry.

2. With reagents prepared for urgent cases, they can be used directly.

3. Acquiring IP67 dustproof and waterproof level, this instrument can be used in tough environments.

4. Semi-transmission & semi-reflection LCD provides good images under bright lights.

5. Large capacity of lithium battery supports 10 hours of unremitting working or more than 100 times of continuous testing. The instrument also has the function of indicating remaining power. Another intelligent function is that it can be charged through vehicle charger.

6. The instrument can store more than 2000 groups of testing data.

7. Instrument can be connected to Bluetooth printer for on-site printing of measurement results. (Bluetooth printer is optional)

Connection to Computer

With USB port and PC software, this instrument can achieve two functions after connection to computer:

A. 15 built-in programmability analytical menus enable users to develop testing parameters and methods easily.

B. Achieve functions of hardware inspection, electrode maintenance, testing, submitting history data, polargram analysis, algorithm application and analysis and other operations.

Application Fields

* On-site application in urgent cases (For instance, on-site testing of water pollution).

* Precise heavy metals detection in labs.

* Water quality monitoring to surface water, underground water, seawater, industrial wastewater, drinking water and other waters.

* Heavy metals testing in soil, food and other waste solids (analytes should be extracted from solids before testing)

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